Under developement

New features are under development

New option "After" to allow multiple child dependency per father

UI Improvement

Patch notes

Beta Release v3.9

Type: Major

Under development

Added GUI interface to schedule next execution time and date

Beta Release v3.8

Type: Minor

Fixed a bug in the actions pannel that prevent it to display as expected

Beta Release v3.7

Type: Major

New feature: New "after" option that allow multiple child triggered by a single father

- This new feature replace the old "before" option (still present for compatibility purpose)

New feature: "ignore_parent_failure", when a parent fail, will stil execute childs with this option if set to 1

New feature: Added last 10 runtime history on mouseover

Gui improvement: Changed the Enable and Disable by one single button that toggle on or off / improve visibility and avoid mistakes with refresh and run button

Beta Release v3.5

Type: Minor

bug Fix:

- Quotes not working properly in lance and lance manager (broken display)

Release v3.4

New feature:

New job non mandatory option "manual=0/1".

This option will prevent the job from running untill a user specificaly use the gui run option or the -r from

Bug Fix:

- Few minor rare bug update that could lock the dialogue in the tcpserver between lance and lance_manager

- Few correction in the gui that could result in an unlikly display

Release v3.3

Type: Minor


Improvement: Locked the size of the log window and add scrollbars to the log window (avoid the log window to become very long when a lot of text is present in the logs on the same line)

Improvement: Changed the kill icon. Some confusion was usually made between the kill icon and the close window

Improvement: Added a confirmation box after hitting the kill button


Bugfix: Fixe the same bug as lance (previously fixed) with job names containing blanckspaces not displaying correctly

Release v3.2

Type: Minor


New feature: Added a stat page on the webgui

Bugfixe: Corrected a bug that prevented the dislpay of jobs with a whitespace in their names on the webgui

Release v3.1

Type: Major

Lance & Lance_manager:

Bug fix: Fixed the root webgui issue that was locked to the user directory and not the html directory from lance

Bug fix: Fixed the ssl not working for python 2.6, now all python version can have ssl with lance and lance_scheduler


Enhancement: Added a glass search button

Enhancement: Minor graphic tweacks

Release v3.0

Type: Major


New feature: New web gui.

New feature: Added disable and enable button on lance webgui to pause/unpause lance.

New feature: Added job action button from the log pannel to enable/disable/run/kill processes

New feature: Added ldap access restrictrion on all "post" (action) functions (optional)

New feature: Added ssl to the webgui (optional)

Bug fixes: Corrected a bug in the tcp server that prevent the manager to connect properly

Bug Fixes: Corrected a thread issue that sometime hang the webgui

Lance Manager:

New feature: New web gui

Enhancement: Improved communication speed with lance client

Bug Fixes: Corrected a bug the sometime hang the webgui.

Bug fixes: Many other issue corrected with the manager

Release v2.19

Type: Minor


Enhancement: rewritten some part of the http handler. Now handle 404 properly plus cleaned the code

Enhancement: The log box now disapears when pressing esc key or clicking outside the popup window

Enhancement: The log buffer is now backed up by the statefull process and restored at lance restart

Release v2.18

Type: Enhancement


New feature: Now all process also log in a buffer that is directly accessible from lance webgui (by just clicking on the process name)

Enhanced the way the web server handle requests

Release v2.17

Type: Major


New Features:

- Added a new column called "Start Time" on the webgui, that tells you the next start time

- Now lance check if the specified "time" option is in the correct hh:mm:ss otherwise it set it to 00:00:00 and desable the process

- TCPServer now return one more field (the starttime) it still retro compatible but i will recommand to update all processes (lance, lance_manager and lc)

- Now lance will not force a disabled or enabled process (done manually) to reset if a "enable" option was specified in the config file after reload (make more sence to keep desabled cron into their states even after a reload)

Lance Manager:

- Added a new column called "Start Time" on the webgui, that tells you the next start time


- Added a new column called "Start Time" on the command line --status, that tells you the next start time

- Added a new column called "Start Time" on the webgui, that tells you the next start time

Release v2.16

Type: Minor


Corrected a bug in the timeline when jobs needs to be grouped. Now the timeline page work properly.

Release v2.15


Corrected a bug that prevented lance to exit properly

Corrected the display of help message when starting


Removed the -f option (start as forground), thats now the default lance startup (just by running without options)

Release v2.14


Better error handling and more meaningful errors

Bug Fixes:

Lance Manager: TCP server was hard coded to only listen on localhost (Thanks merlintc)

Configs: Example lance_manager.conf was faulty (Thanks merlintc)

Release v2.13

New feature:

Lance: Added an email option that will send an email every time a process fail

Release v2.12

New features:

Lance: Added the release version at the bottom of the web interface

Lance: Code enhancement

Bug Fix:

Lance: Fixed a major bug during the reload after a script had run with the "time" parameter sometime causing the script to run after a reload at wrong time (fixed)

Note: Skipped release 2.11

Release v2.10

New Features:

Lance: added a foreground mode ( -f)

Lance_manager: added a foreground mode ( -f)

Bug Fix:

Lance: duplicate log lines issue corrected

Lance_manager: duplicate log lines corrected

Release v2.8

New features:

Lance / Lance_manager: Added logs options to log to file/syslog/stdout

Release v2.7

Bug Fixes

-Lance: locked reload

-Lance: Rewritten time calculation fonction => corrected rarely happening bug in time calculation

Release v2.6

Major Bug Fixes


- Lance: Unixisting user when reload that rarely but sometimes happens have been corrected

- Lance: Syslog Handler type has been corrected

- Lance: Syslog logger3 has been hadded to handle signals only

- Lance_manager: Some minor errors correcteds


- Added lance Test plan in XLS format

- Lance has been heavily tested and is very stable in release v2.6

Release v2.5

Major bug fixed, please update to 2.5 or avoid using reload in previous releases

New features:

Lance: get rid of the verify_conf function and replaced by the reload one that can do both now (completely rewritten)

Lance: Modified default delaystart=0 to delaystart=1


Lance: Corrected an important bug that could lead to start all processes after a reload

Lance: Corrected a bug that was preventing lc or lance manager to kill a running app since lancev2.0

Release v2.3

New features:

Lance: added a "timeline page" (link at the bottom of the lance page) that will display a planned timeline of all next run plus free slot available between the process execution. This will be usefull for people planing to execute maintenance in between jobs....


Lance: Not exactly a bug, but added support on the statefull functions to display the "last run" on reload.

Release v2.2

New features:

Lance: added a -d option in order to start lance with debug enabled on foreground

Lance: upgraded the -r option in order to be able to read the config file more properly. Also provided the oportunity to see the actual lance full state if statefull

Lance: Hidded the key section when receiving a SIGUSR1

Lance_manager: changed the start options to match lance's ones (-r -d -s)

Released v2.1

New features:

Lance: Added a SIGUSR1 signal that will print the actual configuration to the log (ex: killall -SIGUSR1

Lance & Lance manager code partially rewritten in order to share some class together


Lance: A bug that lead lance to crash when a program try to start with an unexisting user has been corrected. It will now result in an error in the log and also a "Fail" status in the webgui / --status

Released v2.0

Major release

New features:

- Code has been rewriten

- Code splitted into modules

- Now lance and lance_manager share some codes

- Config files are still fully backward compatible and doesnt need updates from lancev1 to lancev2

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug on lance_manager when using the run/enable/disable... buttons that affected the display (the http header was not set correctly) Note: This bug has also been corrected in lancev1 (check the sources under archive)

Released v1.4

New feature:

- Lance daemon is now statefull. It is able to record regularly and at exit the state of history, enable/disable, status, previous status, average...

This feature is of course configurable (state=0 / state=1 to enable disable it) and the interval of writing is also configurable (cycle=xxx number of cycles to do before save)


- Corrected a minor bug on the display when lance is started. When a process was in "Wait" state, it sometime displayed a very high "runningtime" (of course wrong). It now display the "-" as its not running.

Released v1.3


- Lance & Lance_manager now display "now" in place of "-" when a job is ready to run (in the next run timer)


- Corrected a bug in lance and lance_manager that prevent the display on mouseover when a single quote was in the command line

Released v1.2

Lance_manager new feature:

Now lance_manager display the command/user/sleep on mouse over. Note that lance 1.2 has to be used with lance_manager 1.2 (and not with a previous version)

Lance Bugfixe:

- Corrected the "sleep=" option. Now add to random sleep properly when specified

- Corrected display of single quotes in web gui that was preventing displaying the command

Released v1.1


-Fixed the logging func that was locked in blocking state on readline, now log fine

-Fixed some threading issue, the code is now threadsafe

Released v0.10

New Features:

- Log level definable in lance_manager

- Now lance_manager can log all request to the syslog in debug mode or all ACTIONS (in notice)...


- Fixed the ldap issue that prevent lance_manager to contact ldap after a while

- Fixed the last run that wasnt displayed when in wait for state

- Fixed some collors in lance_manager (upon result of an execution)

Released v0.9

New Features:

- Improved lance_manager webgui

- Now sorting is available in lance webgui and lance_manager webgui


- Fixes all the dependency buggy features (before)

- Improved the communication between lance and lance_manager

Released v0.8

New Features:

- First release of Lance_manager: full manager that enable remote visualisation and command of multiple lance daemon

-Lance: minor tcpserver update



Released v0.7

New features:

- WebGui: Now when passing the cursor over a command, describe the options

- : added the kill feature that send a kill signal to a process


- Lance: Lots of small bug fixes.

Released v0.5

New Features:

- Added a before option for the commands, will run the commend specified in the before option only after the actual one completed

- Added ssl to the lc and lance tcpserver, this plus the key protect lance from beeing highjacked.

- Added a much more flexible loglevel option, that enable or desable logs upon the level the user decide

- Added a new init.d script

Bug Fixes:

- Corrected the daemon issue. The daemon now works perfectly

- The defaults options that wasnt working, now works fine

- Corrected a bug that prevented compatibility after python 2.4 (now tested with 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7)

- Codes cleaned

- Many small bug fixes

Released v0.4

New Features:

- Added an average run time in order to check if the process is working as usual or not (api and gui)

- Added a "precheck" option. If specified, this command will be run before the usual command, if the result differ from 0, the process will not be started


- The connectivity between the api and lance is now encrypted in ssl

- Lance now check for the key in global and ensure that lc pass the same key when initializing com (avoid undesired people connecting to the tunnel and sending command to lance)


- Fixed a bug in the display of the runningtime that was continuously moving even when the process was finished

- Fixed a bug in the manager_link in order to remove command/sleep/precheck when a reload is called on a previously known function